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A Brief Family History

Prepared June 1999 By
Adriaan Richard Joseph Herklots (1926-)
William Patrick Herklots (1954 -)
Michael Adriaan Herklots (1980-)

Note: This history is comprised mostly of earlier accounts found in old family documents. The very early history is probably common to all Herklots(es). In the early
1800s there were one or two families which had about 10 children. This is where family tree branches really spread out probably beginning the process which resulted in many
Herklots families not knowing each other in later years.

After that time period, this history focuses considerably on the W. H. G. Herklots(1855-1921) descendants, mainly because this is the information we have at the moment.
Hopefully other information which has been and will be contributed by others will be integrated into this account. The present intent is just to get some basic information on
the family history page.

This original section of genealogy was found, in part, in the handbook by Vorsterman van Ooyen entitled "Stam- en Wapenboek van aanzienlijke Nederlandsche familian" ("Genealogical and Arms Register of Notable Dutch
Families") and noted by A.J.C. Jonquière, the Hague, December 13, 1937.

The Herklots family originates from Saksen (Germany) and constituted the greater part of the population of the small village of Herkendorf near Dippoldiswalde; the name
was probably Herklotz originally.

Rietstap, author of "Armorial General", who gives a description of the coat of arms, tells that the family appears in the Netherlands, British-India (Herklotz) and the
Netherlands East Indies; this data dates from about 1860.

The first one of the Herklots family who came to the Netherlands was Gregorius H. (1700-1760) who settled down in Middleburg. His son Willem Hendrick (1747-1834) established himself as a sugar refiner in Rotterdam. Hendrik
Willem (1791-1861), his son, also was a sugar refiner there.

William Henry (1814-1875) was the first of the family who went to the Dutch East Indies and was a notary at Batavia.
From a handwritten account (in English) from Adriaana B. Jonquière (1905- ) to
Adriaan R.J. Herklots. Circa 1969.

A(driaana) B(eatrix) W(ilhelmina) Jonquière (1905- )
Overburgkade iF
Voorburg L. H.

(This name and address are noted on the back of the last page.)
The first traceable (to date) Herklots is Michael Herkiots (1641-1693).

He married Susanna Ammendorif (1645-1695) and they had three children,
Michael Herkiots (1669-1744), Johann Andreas (1674-1706) and Dorothea Elisabeth

Johann married M. Meffa Hayen and had no children. Dorothea married Johann Andreas Kuhne (with no mention of children).

This Michael Herklots( 1669-1744 ) married Wubeta Hoppenroth (1691-1746). They had three children: Michael (1701-1740) who married M. Margaretha Hulmans (1701-1740)
(no mention of children), Gregorious (1700-1760) who married Elisabeth van Oordt(1706-1757) and Johann David (no other information available).

Gregorius had 4 children:

Gregorius (1739-1789) (went to India)

Johan David (1742-1809) (stayed in Middleburg - no further history
Christiaan (1745-1812) (stayed in Middleburg - no further history given)

The following follows from Willem Hendrik:


The Herklots family remained in Rotterdam from about 1770 until 1880.

Willem Hendrick (20th of September 1747 Middleburg - 4th of March 1834 Rotterdam) married his cousin (2nd of October 1777) Gertruida Sara van Oordt who was a daughter from Willem Hendrick's uncle Hendrick van Oordt (a brother of his mother).
(They had their golden marriage anniversary on October 2nd, 1777; he was 80 and his
wife was 71).

With Willem Hendrick begins a period of several tens of years in which bothfamilies Herkiots and van Oordt not only intermarried, but had also the same interests in
their capacity as sugar refiners. There were two firms:
Van Oordt and Herklots
Van de Laude & Van Oordt.
The two firms became companions in refinery and trade.

In 1832, Willem Hendrick lefi the company and gave the "whole power" to his son Willem Gregorius who, in about 1844,owned the houses "de Olyphant" where the
refinery was, with two living houses and storage houses. In 1838, the families owned together the houses "de Olyphant".

In 1874, the oldest part and one of the living houses burned out. In 1919 (the Herklots family didn't own these houses then) the houses were sold for 173.500 guilders.
In 1940 the bombardment of the Germans finished the whole of it.

Willem Hendrik and his wife Gertruida had 2 sons and 2 daughters. His 2 sons were:

(1) Hendrik Willem (2nd of September 1791 Rotterdam - 29th of March, 1861).
He married Jane Enslie (1788-1852). On the 24th of November 1813. She was
from a Scottish family who had lived in Holland for about 50 years at that point.
They had 10 children (5 sons and 5 daughters). His oldest son was William Henry

2) Willem Gregorius (Rotterdam 3rd of August 1791 -Rotterdam 27th of March 1879). He married Catherina [Lutrinia(?)] Sermondt. They had no children. Until about
1870, this Willem Gregorius had interests in the sugar refinery.

(no information given for the 2 daughters]

Hendrik Willem's oldest son was William Henry (1814-1875). He was married to Johanna Wilhelmina Mettha Landberg (1817-1853). They had 3 children: Henry William Peter, Peter and Jane.

Peter (1846-1896) married Jacoba Peter (1853-1919). Peter and Jacoba had 2 children:

The younger was Johan Hendrick (1887-1932). He married Marguerite Catherine Lucie Tea ("Rita") (1889- ). They had 2 children: Hans (1921- ) and Enny(1923- ).

Willem Henry went to Java in 1845. Previously, he was a tradesman in Holland, but studied for solicitor and became a candidate-solicitor before he travelled to Java. He
was a free-mason.

Willem Henry married for the second time with Helena de Graaf (1841 - 1894). They had 5 children.

The oldest was William Henry Gregory (1855-1921) who married Adriaana Beatrix Wilhelmina van Deun (1862-1931). They had 3 children:
Petronella Josephina ("Nelly") (1883-1961), Adriaan Willem (1885-1949), and William Henry Gregory (1889-1958) [There was an unnamed son following Petronella who died young].

Petronella married A.J.C. Jonquière (1879-1946) and they had 2 children: Paul Adriaan (1903- ) and Adriaana Beatrix Wilhelmina ("Joan")
(1906- ).

Adriaan Willem married Francisca Niggebrugge ("Cisca") in 1894. They had 2 children: Robert (1915- ) born in Modjerkertd, India, and Huibert (1917- ).

Robert married (1947) to Lydi Mensinga (1922 -) They have two children Eddy (1949 - )(Born: Pladjoc, India) and Linda (1954-) (Born:The Hague)

Eddy's partner is Lendy de Voics. They have one child Timo Robert (1992-) (Born: The Hague)

William Henrv Gregory (II) married Patricia O'Connor in the United States. They had 3 children: Adriaan Richard Joseph, Robert Carey, and Beatrix van Deun.

More about William Henry Gregory:

W.H.G.H. was born in Batavia on December 20, 1889. H.B.S. (school?) in the Hague. He attended trade school in Amsterdam. In 1910 he became secretary of an
Englishman going to Soerabaya. At the end of 1910, he became an employee of the Bank of Java. In 1911 he was employed by the Agency of the Bank of Java in Medan.

He wanted to get married, but the bank forbid it because his salary wasn't sufficient. He quit and became an accountant for a rubber firm.

In 1912, he married Mimmie Kruytbosch, but later divorced her in 191?. In 1915 he went to Australia and had several financial jobs including one on a sheep farm.

In 1918 he returned to Java and became a real estate agent in Soerabaya. In 1920, he returned to Australia and owned a diamond business with another person.
In 1921 (his father died) he returned via Java to Holland, but after some years moved to Canada (on a farm), then to the United States where he married Patricia
O'Connor on May 21, 1924. [They had met on a cruise ship.]

[added information:] W.H.G.H. and Patricia lived in New York City where he worked in the stock market. They later moved to the rural area of Danielson, Connecticut. There he
purchased a newspaper, the "Windham County Transcript" which he edited and published for nearly the remainder of his life. During the years of the Great Depression, W.H.G.H.
also owned and operated Herklots Dutch Farm in Brooklyn, Connecticut. (His son A.R.J.H. continued editing and publishing the paper until 1973.)

[From earlier family notes:] In 1940 (WAR!) he wrote to his family (via the Red Cross)that he would pay for the crossing to America, but they ["we" in the original] couldn't come so he received via the Red Cross a negative answer.

[The original note ends:] "The Germans should never let us go, but we were deeply touched by his kindness."

(To be continued)

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