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Family Members List Page

Name (Approximate Age in 1999) Location, if known

Adriaan Richard Joseph Herklots, Ph. D. (73) Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA (Originally Brooklyn and
Danielson, Connecticut USA) *
Adriaan Richard Joseph Herklots, II, M.D. (49) Danielson, Connecticut USA
Michael A. Herklots(20) School in Boston, Massachusetts *
Sarah L. Herklots ( 20) School in New York City
William P. Herklots (46) Reston, Virginia USA *
Jane Herklots (wife of Robert C. - deceased) (73) Naples, Florida USA
Katherine Herklots (43) near Boston, Massachusetts USA
Beatrix Van Deun (Herklots) Kamens (68) Meriden, Connecticut USA
Sandra E. Kamens (41) Meriden, Connecticut USA
Gregory W. Kamens (40) Wallingford, Connecticut USA
Tracy J. (Kamens) Malaguti (38) Old Saybrook, Connecticut USA
Michael P. Kamens (36) Meriden, Connecticut

Toty Herklots (wife of Huib - deceased) (70) Bloomendaal, Holland *
Hans Herklots (41) Amsterdam, Holland
Bart Herklots (47) The Hague, Holland
Barbara Herklots (45) Bloomendaal (?), Holland

Peter Jonquiere (59) Denhoorn, Holland *
Rob Jonquiere (55) Holland
Maarten Jonquere (53) Holland
[Peter Jonquiere and his brothers are grandsons
of Petronella (Herklots) Jonquiere]

Richard Herklots (64) Maastricht, Holland
Sandra Herklots (26) Amsterdam, Holland *
Marc Herklots (28) Maastricht, Holland *

Jeremy B. Herklots (63) Oxford, England *
Philip Jeremy Herklots (33)
Julian P. Herklots (29)

Stella (Herklots) Boswell (sister of Jeremy) (62) Oxford, England
George E. Arnison (35)
Roland G Arnison (30)

Peter G. Herklots (brother of Jeremy) (67)
Fiona C. (Herklots) Kennedy (44)
Timothy J. Herklots (39)

John R. Herklots (Reverend Canon) (69) Shropshire, UK *
Radu W. Herklots (42)
Lawrence J. Herklots (38)
Helena R. (Herklots) Crick (36)

Paul G. Wright (30)
Bernard S. Wright (28)
James R. Wright (36)
[sons of Sylvia A. (Herklots) Wright (deceased)]
Jennifer C. (Herklots) Nicholson (65) (sister of John Radu)
Sophia Mary Nicholson (29)
Beatrice C. Nicholson (28)
Stephen F. Herklots (60) (brother of John Radu) Australia
Amanda R. (Herklots) Hale (35)
Melinda J. (Herklots) Tustian (32)
Rhonda C. (Herklots) Wong (25)

Richard E. Herklots (?) Australia
(son is youngest known Herklots) (1)

R. Wouter (Wout) Herklots (51) Utrecht, Holland *

Khyran Herklots (38) Holland

* Indicates active interest in compiling information for the family tree and family history. The substantial
contributions of these people which allow this page to exist and later expand are acknowledged and greatly